The Rohingya translation of WordPress is inactive

Download the English version instead.

If you’re interested in translating WordPress to Rohingya, join the Polyglots team and find out how.


Tuáñráre Ruáinga Zuban or WordPress or Monsuba’t estekbal gorázar. Tuáñráre meérbanigorí dorhás gorázar ke sáith yián ót nizore rejicthor goró.

مرحبا بكم في مشروع وردبرس اللغة الروهينجا. ويرجى منك التسجيل على الموقع التالي

Welcome to WordPress Rohingya language project. You are kindly requested to register on the following website.



Please, neither delete this page, nor change its slug!

The place for installation instructions. Except from telling them how to install the ready WordPress package it is usually worth to explain how to inject the mo file in already existent installation.