Upcoming Events Lists


A WordPress plugin to show a list of upcoming events on the front-end as widget.


Step 1: Creating events

After installing and activating the plugin, a new custom post type called “Events” will appear at your WordPress Admin area.
Just create your events from the “Events” menu.

Step 2: Using on Gutenberg Block Editor (WordPress 5.0 or later)

If you are using block editor, add a new page and search for ‘Upcoming Events Lists’, set necessary options as your requirement.
Save and view you page. All done!

Step 3: Shortcode (When you cannot use step 2)
Add a new page and paste the following shortcode where you want to display the events:


The shortcode can include following attributes.

  • view_type: Default value list. Value can be list or grid.
  • show_all_event_link: Default value yes. Value can be yes or no.

If you set grid for view_type, you can also include the following attributes.

  • columns_on_tablet: Default value 2. Value can be from 1 to 6 (except 5)
  • columns_on_desktop: Default value 3. Value can be from 1 to 6 (except 5)
  • columns_on_widescreen: Default value 4. Value can be from 1 to 6 (except 5)

Example 1:

[upcoming_events_list view_type='grid' columns_on_tablet='3' columns_on_desktop='4' columns_on_widescreen='6']


  • Screenshot of event widget selection
  • Screenshot of event description include by custom post
  • Screenshot of all event list
  • Screenshot of display of event at frontend


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Upcoming Events Lists


Installing the plugins is just like installing other WordPress plugins. If you don’t know how to install plugins, please review the option below:

  • From your WordPress dashboard, choose ‘Add New’ under the ‘Plugins’ category.
  • Search for ‘upcoming-events-lists’ a plugin will come called ‘Upcoming Events Lists’ and Click ‘Install Now’ and confirm your installation by clicking ‘ok’
  • The plugin will download and install. Just click ‘Activate Plugin’ to activate it.


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Februari 5, 2017
I noticed that after installing it shows up as Event plugin in dashboard. When you try to create an event it shows up the title All in one events . If you have installed All in one events by Timely, then this widget picksup randomly events from that All in one events calendar. I was looking for a second event calendar on my website and so this event calendar is not helping as I mentioned , it picks and lists events from All in one Events Calendar randomly. Also this event calendar has disabled start time and end time that you see on All-in One calendar. I suggest you consider the original all-in-one calendar by Timely instead of this less functional calendar because the security updates done on All-in-one calendar may not get carried over to this new plugin. Fortunately when I deleted this calendar, it did not delete the events in my All- in-one calendar.
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Contributors & Developers

“Upcoming Events Lists” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



version 1.4.0 – 2023-11-18

  • Add – Add shortcode [upcoming_events_list].
  • Add – Add block editor support.
  • Tweak – Checked version compatibility upto WordPress 6.4
  • Dev – Update core code.

version 1.3.3 – 2019-01-23

  • Tweak – Checked version compatibility upto WordPress 5.0
  • Dev – Add Upcoming_Events_Lists_Event class for event post type.
  • Dev – Update core code.

version 1.3.2 – 2017-01-15

  • Updated – Updated jQuery UI Datepicker style for Admin.
  • Updated – Updated minor change on widget style.

version 1.3.0

  • Added event start date, end date and venue at viewing single page

version 1.2

  • Making it translation ready.
  • Translated to Bengali Language.

version 1.1

  • Fixed issue with style.
  • Added feature to add Event Image.

version 1.0

  • Implementation of basic functionality.