Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP


Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP adds Google Rich Snippets markup according to guidelines to structure your site for SEO. (AMP Compatible)


  • Schema Types: Currently, We have more than 35 schema types such as Blog Posting, News article, Local Business, Web page, Article, Recipe, Product, and Video Object view all. We are going to add all the schema types in the future. You can request the one you want and we will add it for you!
  • Conditional Display Fields: Meaning you include or exclude any posts, pages, post types, taxonomies and more!
  • Knowlegde Base Support: Recognize the content based on the organization or a person via data type option.
  • Full AMP Compatiblity: Supports the AMP for WP and AMP by Automattic plugins.
  • Advanced Settings: Play with output of schema markup using these options (Defragment, Add in Footer, Pretty Print, MicroData CleanUp etc.)
  • Migration: Import the data from other schema plugins such as (SEO Pressor, WP SEO Schema, Schema Plugin etc )
  • Compatibility: Generate the schema markup for the plugins. We have provided schema support for them. Few of them are – kk Star Ratings, WP-PostRatings, bbPress
  • Google Review: Display your business google reviews and its schema markup on your website.
  • [Premium] Reviews ( Fetch reviews from 75+ platforms ).
  • [Premium] Priority Support. Get it We get more than 100 technical queries a day but the Priority support plan will help you skip that and get the help from a dedicated team.
  • Review Module: Create your own review rating box with pros and cons and its schema markup
  • Schema Type Blocks in Gutenberg: Create your own content with the blocks and json schema markup will be added automatically
  • Unlimited Custom Post Types: You can control to represent the Rich Snippets data in the google search console using unlimited custom post types.
  • Easy to use with Minimal Settings
  • Archive Page Listing Support
  • JSON-LD Format
  • Easy to use Setup Wizard
  • Breadcrumbs Listing Support
  • Comments Post comments Support
  • Constant Development & New Features: We’ll be releasing the constant updates along with the more handy features as soon as we get the feedback from the users.

Supported Schema Types

  • Apartment
  • House
  • SingleFamilyResidence
  • Article
  • Blogposting
  • Book
  • Course
  • DiscussionForumPosting,
  • DataFeed
  • HowTo
  • NewsArticle
  • QAPage
  • Review
  • Recipe
  • TVSeries
  • SoftwareApplication
  • MobileApplication
  • SpecialAnnouncement (Related to Coronavirus)
  • TechArticle
  • WebPage
  • Event
  • VideoGame
  • JobPosting
  • Service
  • Trip
  • AudioObject
  • VideoObject
  • MedicalCondition
  • MusicPlaylist
  • MusicAlbum
  • LocalBusiness with all the sub categories
  • Product
  • TouristAttraction
  • TouristDestination
  • LandmarksOrHistoricalBuildings
  • HinduTemple
  • Church
  • Mosque
  • Person
  • View All


Some useful extensions to extend Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP features, check Woocommerce Compatibility For Schema, Cooked Compatibility For Schema and We are going to add more.


We try our best to provide support on forums. However, We have a special team support where you can ask us questions and get help. Delivering a good user experience means a lot to us and so we try our best to reply each and every question that gets asked.

Bug Reports

Bug reports for Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP are welcomed on GitHub. Please note GitHub is not a support forum, and issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed.


  • Select2 used – License URI:,
  • Merlin WP used – License URI:,
  • jquery-timepicker used
  • Rate Yo! used – License URI:
  • Aqua Resizer used – License URI: WTFPL –



This plugin provides 10 blocks.

  • Reviews Collections (SASWP)
  • Book (SASWP)
  • Job (SASWP)
  • Course (SASWP)
  • Location (SASWP)
  • How To (SASWP)
  • Event (SASWP)
  • Recipe (SASWP)
  • Q&A (SASWP)


How to install and use this Schema plugin?

After you Active this plugin, just go to Dashboard > Structured data > Settings, and then setup the default settings, after that, just go back to ‘Structured Data’ click on Add New and add any data that you like!

How do I report bugs and suggest new features?

You can report the bugs for this Schema plugin here

Will you include features to my request?

Yes, Absolutely! We would suggest you send your feature request by creating an issue in Github . It helps us organize the feedback easily.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact us from here


Ipril 27, 2024
This plugin works really well and the customer service is excellent. They respond quickly and have solutions that meet all my needs. I’m very impressed with their professionalism.
Maarec 14, 2024
After searching several Schema Plugins, I found Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP. The main thing I was seeking was to introduce custom Schema in WooCommerce Categories to fill it with semantic associations as About & Mentions, very important for me and aligned with what I understand about Semantic Web: to drive machine’s interpretation. I like to do by myself JSON-LD, I’m an always learner and I don’t want to automate all, so this plugin is perfect. But there’s more, with this plugin, Google could see more Products Schema on the ecommerce I work for, I don’t know why… And also more reviews. This has been an unexpected feature I loved much more this plugin. And Plus+++, I ask them for a little feature, I explained it and they did it! So we are facing a great team and kind people.
Februari 17, 2024 1 reply
I continue to use and support the Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP on my sites that require every last bit of SEO. So far, it has been very flexible, and the free version offers most of what I need.
Novambor 24, 2023
I found this plugin after looking around for a while and comparing features. The free version covers more than others – and straight out of the box after a simple setup. The product schema wasn’t showing on product pages and was quickly resolved by a very responsive and helpful support team. It’s rare to have service this good. Keep up the good work!
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1.34.2 (18 July 2024)

  • Fixed: Error after version 1.34.1 update #2144
  • Fixed: Tested with new version of wordpress i.e. 6.6v #2145

1.34.1 (16 July 2024)

  • Fixed: Fatal error after recent update #2142

1.34 (16 July 2024)

  • Bug: Fixed vulnerability repoted by Wordfence

1.33 (27 June 2024)

  • Enhancement: Schema markup is being added to the post types even if set to “Draft” #2118
  • Feature: Added an option to enable only custom schema #2121
  • Fixed: Warning messages when trying to preview pages after making changes #2126
  • Fixed: Warning of Realestate Schema #2127
  • Fixed: Conflict issues with WP-Multilang Plugin #2128
  • Enhancement: Added an educationalAlignment property to Learning Resource Schema. #2131
  • Enhancement: Added Event Schedule repeater property to Event Schema #2133
  • Fixed: A warning Undefined array key “saswp_product_schema_rp_country_code” #2134

1.32 (01 June 2024)

  • Fixed: Fix PHP warning #2111
  • Fixed: Line Breaks issue in schema using FAQ block #2112
  • Fixed: Mapping issue with ACF Google Map type for VacationalRental Schema type #2113
  • Fixed: Issue with comments url in schema #2114
  • Feature: Added compatibility with EventPrime #2115
  • Fixed: Issue with HotelRoom Schema #2116
  • Fixed: Issue with LocalBusiness schema #2120
  • Feature: Added compatibility with the plugin Joli FAQ SEO #2122
  • Enhancement: Added changes related to Product schema Return Policy #2124

1.31 (29 April 2024)

  • Fixed: Warning appearing on the website #2089
  • Feature: Added compatibility with to fetch reviews #2102
  • Feature: Added schema markup compatibility with attachments #2103
  • Fixed: PHP warning appearing in extension manager #2104
  • Fixed: A HTML tag appears on the frontend while using FAQ Block #2106

1.30 (16 April 2024)

  • Fixed: Security vulnerability issues raised by Wordfence

1.29 (29 March 2024)

  • Fixed: PHP warning is showing on the user’s end #2080
  • Fixed: Conflict issue with Widget Options plugin #2087
  • Fixed: Product reviews compatibility issue #2092
  • Fixed: Fatal error for collection review #2094
  • Fixed: PHP Warning on schema settings Review tab #2095
  • Fixed: Test with new version of wordpress i.e. 6.5v #2096
  • Fixed: Issue with Import/export option #2098

1.28 (29 Feb 2024)

  • Enhancement: Implemented new LearningResource schema type #1789
  • Enhancement: Implemented new Vacationrental schema type #2068
  • Enhancement: Remove articleBody property from schema markup when it is empty #2070
  • Fixed: Resolved problem with DOM after filling data in the product schema #2073
  • Fixed: Added field “@id” in itemlist #2074
  • Fixed: Ratingbox Warning that appeared after latest update #2079
  • Enhacement: Author url is missing in QandA schema #2081
  • Fixed: Q&A Schema is not getting enabled and disabled on post page #2082
  • Fixed: Custom Schema markup breakage #2083
  • Fixed: Review collection PHP error on the user end #2084

1.27 (17 Feb 2024)

  • Feature: Added an option to edit/modify star rating box #1930
  • Fixed: Shopify Reviews fetching issue #1944
  • Feature: Added an option of custom CSS for review collection #2025
  • Feature: “@type”:”Course” is Missing fields “hasCourseInstance” & “offers” (Critical Issue – Rich Results Checker) #2042
  • Enhancement: Resolved course schema generated errors in rich result test #2057
  • Feature: Changed H2 Font Size in FAQ Scheme Code Without Changing SEO Structure #2060
  • Enhancement: Resolved warning appearing in the GSC #2064
  • Feature: Automated the instructions and ingrediencies from gutenberg list block #2066
  • Fixed: Resolved warning appearing on the wp-admin dashboard #2067
  • Fixed: Resolved placement issue while adding multiple placements for schema type with and condition #2069
  • Feature: Added the custom schema support in WPGraphQL #2072
  • Fixed: Users Unable to Edit Publish Date/Time for Schema Type #2075
  • Enhancement: Saved reCaptcha details in options table #2077
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability issues raised by Wordfence

1.26 (10 Jan 2024)

  • Fixed: Event schema automation issues #2058
  • Fixed: PHP warnings #2059
  • Fixed: Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability reported by

1.25 (16 Dec 2023)

  • Enhancement: Added ‘acceptedAnswer’ and ‘suggestedAnswer’ globally in Q&A schema #1967
  • Feature: Added TouristTrip schema type #2023
  • Feature: Added “hasCourseInstance” & “offers” properties to Course schema type #2042
  • Enhancement: Removed UTM parameters and # from menus url #2047
  • Fixed: PHP warnings and errors #2051
  • Fixed: PHP 8.1 Fatal Error : Unsupported Operand Types: int + string in Schema Plugin #2052
  • Fixed: Conflict with Mobile Menu premium plugin #2053
  • Enhancement: Added returnShippingFeesAmount property for product schema #2054

1.24 (29 Nov 2023)

  • Fixed: Fatal Error Call to undefined function wp_getimagesize() #2027
  • Fixed: Schema type not displaying in admin for post specific #2045
  • Fixed: Review Title Link Displays 404 Error #2046
  • Fixed: Broken Access Control vulnerability reported by

1.23 (21 Nov 2023)

  • Feature: Added compatibility with “custom-post-types” plugin #2017
  • Fixed: Fixed Fatal Error: Call to undefined function wp_getimagesize() #2027
  • Feature: Created an option of ‘Read More’ in the description of review #2028
  • Enhancement: Do not strip html tags from job posting description #2030
  • Feature: Added compatibility with Webwinkelkeur to fetch reviews #2032
  • Feature: Added an option to hide the Place ID URL #2037
  • Fixed: The issue with Graphql on the pages shows the internal server error #2039
  • Fixed: Test with wordpress v6.4 #2040
  • Fixed: PHP warning in query monitor “Undefined array key 1” #2043

1.22 (6 Nov 2023)

  • Feature: Added few new fields in creativework schema #2015
  • Enhancement: Added support for newer social networks on the ‘sameAs’ field #2019
  • Fixed: A PHP warning shown in the schema markup #2020
  • Fixed: Classic Editor FAQ issue in schema markup #2022
  • Fixed: Issue with modify option in Recipe schema #2024
  • Feature: Added new feature (FAQ schema should be crawled from individual ACF fields step by step) #2026
  • Fixed: Fatal Error Call to undefined function wp_getimagesize() #2027
  • Fixed: Errors from schema pro extensions #2029
  • Enhancement: Added option to add or remove shop page url from Breadcrumbs #2034
  • Fixed: Conflict issue with FOXIZ CORE plugin which causes fatal error #2035
  • Fixed: Warning in debug log #2036

1.21.1 (27 Sep 2023)

  • Fixed: Minor Fix

1.21 (27 Sep 2023)

  • Fixed: Gutenberg FAQ Block schema markup issue #2003
  • Enhancement: Improvements in ItemList schema type #2008
  • Fixed: PHP Deprecated Error: $render_slug Follows Optional $content Parameter #2009
  • Fixed: Output Buffering Interferes with WP CLI #2010
  • Fixed: A deprecated warning with author image in schema markup #2012
  • Fixed: Undefined array key “headingTag” #2013

1.20 (01 Sep 2023)

  • Enhancement: Corrected summery page for archive schema #1980
  • Fixed: Resolved Organization URL issue in the knowledge graph #1989
  • Fixed: Added proper display message on license activation/deactivation timeout #1998
  • Fixed: Plugin Upgrade (v1.18) Causing Internal Page Breakage and Blank Screen #2001
  • Fixed: Fatal error in review collection #2004
  • Fixed: Breadcrumb schema showing wrong id in schema markup for custom post type #2005
  • Fixed: PHP Warnings for Undefined Array Keys in Course Schema URL’s #2006

All changelog available on GitHub.