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Searching for an easy-to-use chatbot & live chat plugin for your WordPress website?

Well, your search ends here with our Chatbot & Live Chat plugin for WP sites! No need to look further. Because it has all that you need to transform the face of your business.

Yes, it does!.

Want the proof to believe our tall claims?

Here they are –

  • This REVE Chat product will help you easily convert website visitors into loyal customers.
  • It will make communication with customers incredibly easy while they’re on your WordPress website.
  • You can redefine your customer support in a big way with this quick-to-install plugin.
  • As an omnichannel customer engagement platform, it can help you actively generate more leads and sales.

In a way, this customer service plugin from REVE Chat offers everything your team needs – from WordPress live chat, chatbot, Messenger integration, WhatsApp, and plenty more.

You not only enjoy the many integrations but can also easily manage all the channels in one place.

Chatbot & Live Chat Plugin for WP sites have advanced features such as Screen sharing and Co-browsing, Department Management, Auto Triggers, Visitor Analytics, Queuing, a fully customizable chat banner, and more to personalize every customer interaction across multiple channels.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t delay adding great value to your everyday customer conversations!

Install this powerful customer support plugin for the WordPress website NOW!

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By Installing Chatbot & Live Chat Plugin, You Can –

  • Engage your website visitors and boost the chances of conversion
  • Convert your website traffic into customers
  • Interact with visitors on the browser, desktop, or mobile
  • Manage all your conversations from one panel
  • Chat with visitors 24/7, even while your team is away or on sleep
  • Generate & qualify your leads on autopilot with Live Chat for WordPress Website
  • Guide, educate, and delight your customers with interactive FAQ
  • Automate a major part of your customer support

So, get this WP plugin to take your customer engagement to a new high.
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Why Choose Chatbot & Live Chat Plugin for WordPress Websites?

Want to elevate your customer engagement to an altogether different level? Try our WP live chat plugin and create the much-needed difference in the way you engage with customers. When you choose our plugin, you find a tool that has everything that it takes to bolster your customer support.

Choosing our plugin gives you –

All-in-One Customer Engagement Tool. Engage your customers with advanced customer engagement tools to provide better contextual and conversational support in real-time.
Easy Integrations with 30+ Tools – Easily connect the plugin with your e-commerce, CRMs, and CMS platforms and benefit from 30+ ready integrations and robust API access.
Multi-channel Engagement Across Customers’ Preferred Channels. Be where your customers are, and deliver a unified service experience by engaging across channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp for Business, Websites, App, etc.
24/7 availability with AI Chatbot Provide round-the-clock assistance to customers even when your sales/support team is away. Engage them with real-time answers to FAQs.

Choose Our plugin to get all the benefits your business needs!
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Our Smart WP Chatbot

Automated customer support is now a reality with our built-in smart chatbot. Use it to put customer support on auto-pilot and scale your sales. With our smart and AI-powered chatbot, you’re gonna answer everyday questions easily. So, get it ASAP to give your business the cutting edge it deserves!

Key Chatbot Features and Benefits

  • Scale your sales and support with an AI-powered WordPress chatbot
  • Deliver automated customer support and drive sales conversions with a chatbot
  • Reduce your customer service costs can by deploying a conversational AI chatbot
  • Answer queries more effectively and quickly with a smart chatbot
  • Let a chatbot for the WordPress website handle conversations completely and allow your reps to focus on more important tasks
  • Cut wait time for customers and boost their experience with your brand by offering instant responses to service-related inquiries
  • Build an intelligent chatbot with zero coding effort and start engaging your website visitors
  • Combine the WP chatbot with a human touch so that bots can manage routine FAQs while support agents handle complex chats
  • Automate your customer support 24×7 and reduce issues managed by live agents
  • Deploy an AI-powered chatbot to answer customers’ questions automatically with replies based on user behavior and demographic.
  • Convert your website visitors into qualified leads automatically and transfer them to your sales team.
  • Train your bots with the support FAQs and make chat conversations quick and effective.
  • Make use of the “Fallback Options” for scenarios where the bot fails to identify the user’s inputs yet ensures a seamless conversation
  • Let your team benefit from the “Visual Flow Builder” and build bots for any business tasks and that too, without any coding knowledge
  • Ensure higher satisfaction to customers by understanding their emotions and responding accurately by using the “Sentiment Analysis” feature
  • Leverage “Bot Analytics” to first analyze all the bot conversations and then measure the accuracy of the responses
  • Put your customer conversations on autopilot and allow the chatbot to manage your customer conversations 24×7

Install our AI-powered WP chatbot and transform your business.
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Our Omnichannel Live Chat

Live chat software from REVE chat is best when it comes to knowing your customers inside out. Engage in best-in-class customer communication with our omnichannel live chat software and convert website traffic into loyal customers. Get all the details of website visitors and serve them better with our WP Live Chat.

Benefits Of Our Live Chat

  • Enrich your business with the fastest and most convenient method to handle customer queries
  • Get a complete overview and insights about your customer interactions across multiple channels
  • Provide instant assistance to customers and boost your sales conversions
  • Manage multiple customers simultaneously and reduce the cost of service
  • Gain customer insights and improve the quality of your service with valuable feedback after every chat session
  • Proactively engage to assist website visitors in real-time and stop them from leaving your site mid-day

Live Chat Key Features

Voice/ Video Chat: Your business can engage customers using a voice/ video chat plugin right inside the web or mobile apps with click to call solution and provide real-time support.

Co-browsing: You can leverage collaborative browsing for better CX where you can browse together online with customers, share browsers, and offer real-time help.

Facebook Messenger: Convert Facebook visitors into customers, interact with them easily from a single dashboard and add value to your social media support strategy.

Viber Messaging: Allow your customers to reach you through Viber, give them the freedom to send messages to your support team through the Viber public account, and reply to their messages from the REVE Chat dashboard itself.

Screen Sharing: Solve complex issues in quick time with the screen sharing feature and help them navigate the website with screen sharing.

Real-time Visitor Analytics: Personalize every interaction with real-time insights about your customers (location, history, IP address, Referral source) and improve user experience.

Department Management: Route customer queries to the right department and increases response time.

Queuing: Queue customers and minimize their frustration by providing the right information about waiting time when your agents are busy.

Auto Triggers: Send automatic invitations to your website visitors based on a certain time, ULR, or location.

Chat Monitoring: Monitor your agent performance and responses to ensure more appropriate answers to your customer queries.

Integrate Live Chat for WordPress Website and convert traffic into loyal customers.
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Get All-inOne With REVE Chat Plugin for WP Website

  • A lightweight and customizable widget
  • 100% mobile-friendly
  • Free mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Incoming visitor notifications
  • Live typing preview
  • Drag and drop chatbot builder
  • Zero coding
  • 20+ chatbot templates
  • Tons of bot scripts to support conversation strands
  • Plug ‘n play arrangement to make the bot live
  • Schedule appointments with the customer in chat
  • Integrate with Google Calendar
  • Send user from chatbot to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
  • Ready to use a built-in chatbot
  • Support for 50+ integrations
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Supported Language

  • Arabic
  • Bangla
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malay
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Tagalog
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

Some Facts

  • Compatibility with major browsers (Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari).
  • The average uptime is 99.8%.
  • Mobile Optimized Dashboard
  • 24×7-365 live support ( visit and initiate a chat or send us an email at


Should you need any assistance, feel free to chat with our customer advocates on or email us at

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Contributors & Developers

REVE Chat is an omnichannel platform envisioned to help businesses scale sales and support with a range of advanced live engagement tools. We have an AI-powered chatbot, live chat software, video chat, and co-browsing solutions to enable enterprises value across marketing, sales, and support.


  • Basic conversation – Client side
  • Basic conversation – Agent side
  • Download the REVE Chat plugin
  • Login to Dashboard
  • Upload REVE Chat Plugin
  • Install REVE Chat Plugin
  • Activate REVE Chat Plugin
  • Settings REVE Chat Plugin
  • Login/SignUp REVE Chat Plugin
  • Save the changes


How to Install REVE Chat Widget to Your WordPress Website

Installing REVE Chat Widget to your WordPress website is quite easy. It takes seconds, literally. All you need to do is follow some simple steps and voila, it’s done! Quite easy!

So, let’s get started….

For REVE Chat widget integration, follow the steps given below:

  1. Download the REVE Chat plugin from WordPress Marketplace

  2. Login to your website admin panel

  3. Select ‘Plugins’ from the left side panel and then ‘Add new’. On the right side, you will see the ‘Add Plugins’ option. Next click on ‘Upload Plugin’.

  4. To upload the file, click on the ‘Choose File’. Select the downloaded file, and click on ‘Install Now’.

  5. When the installation process is finished, click on the ‘Activate Plugin’ option to activate the REVE Chat plugin.

  6. Now you will find the “REVE Chat” plugin in the “Installed Plugins” list. To go to the REVE Chat settings page, click on the ‘Settings‘ option.

  7. If you already have a REVE Chat account, please choose “Yes, I already have a REVE Chat account” and provide your email address. Otherwise, you can also choose “No, I want to create one” to create a new account.

  8. Now click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.

That’s it! WordPress live chat installation is done.


Do I have to install any software on my server to get working the chat plugin?

No, REVE Chat is a cloud-based live chat software and does not require any other application to be installed on server. You just need to install and activate the live chat plugin.

Why should I use REVE Chat live chat support?

REVE Chat is a multi-channel cloud based live chat software that provides instant assistance to your website visitors for better customer service and boost sales conversions. Businesses can instantly engage with their customers across various channels such as Website live chat, Voice/ Video Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Mobile apps (Android, iOS) using a single platform.

Which web browsers work best with this chat plugin?

Though it is designed to work on almost all the browsers, REVE Chat works best in the following environment: IE 7+ or later (PC), Firefox 2 or later (Mac, PC, or Linux), Safari 2 or later (Mac), Google Chrome (PC, Mac).

is there any demo or trial period to do some testing?

Yes, REVE Chat offers 14- Days Free Trial. You will have access to all features during the trial period.

How can i chat with more visitors at the same time?

Whenever a chat is initiated by a customer, you can view, and reply form your dashboard. Multiple chat requests can be handled at a single time. You can also initiate the chat with website visitors to boost customer engagement.

Can i customize chat widget?

Yes, REVE Chat window is customizable. Some of the things which you can change in the chat window include:
– Changing the color scheme
– Changing the font size
– Changing the avatar
– Changing the chat widget location
– Chat Widget text
– Offline Widget Text
– Pre-chat & Post chat form

can i add reve chat plugin on more than one website at the same time?

Yes, REVE Chat allows the live chat plugin to be used on multiple sites at the same time. You can choose Advanced or higher plan to be able to install it on unlimited websites.

Do you provide live chat support?

Yes, we love to help our customers over live chat support. You can contact us anytime from the dashboard.

Can i use this chat service on any type of website?

Yes, this live chat plugin can be used on any type of website ranging from blogs, corporate website, eCommerce portals etc.

Do you have limit to the number of chats i can take?

No, REVE Chat does not believe in controlling your communication with your website visitors.

Is it possbile to track website visitors through your chat plugin?

REVE Chat widget allows you to see visitor location based on the IP address. You can also check the pages they have visited in the current session. It gives you a better visitor insight.

Do you offer proactive chat to website visitor?

Yes, a pro-active chat can be triggered from either end. However, agents can set auto-triggers for initiating chats like amount of time spent on any page, viewing pricing page etc.

Can it add more chat agents?

Yes, more chat agents can be added from REVE Chat dashboard.

Is it possible to add your chat into facebookfanpage?

Yes, REVE Chat allows you to integrate live chat on your Facebook page. This feature allows you to chat with your Facebook page visitors from REVE chat dashboard.

do you support chat tagging?

Yes, you can tag your visitors and customers with right tags in your REVE Chat dashboard.

Is it possible to provide support from mobile apps?

Yes, you can use REVE Chat’s Android/ iPhone SDK to integrate live chat in your mobile apps too. You will be able to provide omni-channel support from a single dashboard.

Can i see chat history of past conversations?

Yes, you chat check chat history of past conversations. Our Advanced plan allows you to access the chat history of 365 days whereas Enterprise plan gives you the access of all your chat history.

is there any application for Android and iOS?

Yes, we have mobile app of Android and iPhone both. You will be able to provide support to your website visitors while on the move.

Can I move chat widget?

Yes, you can decide the location of chat widget on your website. You can make these changes from live chat plugin dashboard.

Do i have to signup the service to install the plugin?

No, you don’t need to signup to install the plugin but you’ll have to signup to use this plugin.

Can i translate preference of chat widget for my own language?

Yes, REVE Chat supports more than 20 languages. You can check them above in Description section.

can chat agent able to transfer a chat during conversations?

Yes, chat agents will be able to transfer chat during conversation

How much is price of REVE Chat web chat plugin?

REVE Chat plugin is free to install and it offers a complete 14 days free trial to understand its all features. REVE Chat offers 3 packages
1. Standard
2. Advanced
3. Enterprise
Please click here to find out more about pricing.
The live chat support plugin is completely free to install. However, if you want to use Standard and Advanced REVE Chat package then you have to purchase the package.

How can I chat with more visitors at the same time?

REVE Chat web chat plugin allows unlimited concurrent chats for the paid plans. Hence you can chat with as many visitors as you want at the same time. REVE Chat also allows you to proactively chat with your website visitors before they leave your website.

How can I take further information regarding REVE Chat live chat support plugin?

You can find out more at our site at or at and we will help you with installation.

Can I add REVE Chat plugin on more than one website at the same time?

Yes, this live chat plugin can be added on more than one website at the same time for Advanced & Enterprise package.


Januari 30, 2023
Extremely pleased with the features of this live chat plugin. It’s simple, the interface is smooth, and the overall performance is good. We were quite satisfied with the results in the trial period itself. So, it was an easy decision to move to the paid or enterprise version.
Januari 16, 2023
A really helpful chatbot plugin. Tons of useful features for customer service. In particular, we liked the bot feature that allows our team to personalize every interaction with real-time insights about customers. So, we can respond based on the location, chat history, IP address, Referral source, etc. We now regularly achieve an improved user experience. 
Séptembor 8, 2022
Loving this plugin way more than we’d imagined. It has a lot going on in its favor. While it’s super easy to integrate into a WordPress website, you can also witness improved communication with the clients even when you’re on the move.
Ogóst 28, 2022
We were searching for a quality chatbot platform that could improve our performance and client responses. Thanks to REVE Chat, now we can breathe easily. This plugin has helped us achieve a spike in the number of people connecting with our team via chat. The best part, we’re now able to address clients’ issues quicker than ever before.
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Contributors & Developers

“Chatbot & Live Chat for WordPress – REVE Chat” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Feature: Add the Reve chat widget to your site!
  • Feature: Customize look and feel of the widget, including themes and color!


  • New Admin Menu page for REVE Chat
  • New for integration
  • Added link of settings page to display on the plugins page (beside the activate/deactivate links).


  • Updated chat script


  • updated the UI


  • introduced new signup process
  • fixed signin bug


  • new UI design
  • updating singup and login procedure
  • added shopping cart feature


  • added shopping cart feature
  • Show visitor’s cart information in chat window
  • Share product card
  • Show orders list
  • Search order by id


  • add stable release