OWM Weather


OWM Weather is derived from the discontinued plugin WP Cloudy. It uses many of the same settings but is completely separate.

OWM Weather is a flexible and easy-to-use weather plugin that allows the creation of unlimited different Weathers using Custom Post Types and the Open Weather Map API.

Create a Weather, select your location, choose the data and customize the look and feel with a few clicks.

Embed it anywhere with the automatically generated shortcode via copy and paste in posts, pages, text widgets, or directly in the PHP files of your theme.

With Custom Post Types, you minimize the maintenance: Override certain settings in the system setup and thereby change all Weather posts automatically.

Check out the documentation, layout examples and comparisons at the OWM Weather Blog.


Weather information

Current weather conditions, alerts, hourly up to 48 hours and daily up to 7 days.

Completely customizable

Data items can be selected and styled individually. Pick your measurement system, time format, and zone. Choose from several templates, fonts, or icon sets.
Developers have access through custom templates to the raw Open Weather Map data – converted to the selected measurement system, time format, and zone – to build a completely customized layout. A built-in debug template shows all options, data, and generated Html snippets.

Shortcode Placement

Use in content and/or sidebar, or as a widget on the admin dashboard. Multiple completely different kinds of Weather can be shown on the same page.

Weather Location

The worldwide location can be specified by the OWM city id (available for over 200,000 cities), the city/country name via dynamic search, the zip code, the latitude/longitude, or the IP address of the user (geolocation).

Unlimited weathers

OWM Weather uses WordPress Custom Post Types which allows for an unlimited number of weathers.

Cache system

Weather data is cached at a frequency defined by you. The data is then loaded from your server and you no longer depend on external sources. This avoids slowdowns and blocked page rendering.

Open Weather Map API

OWM Weather retrieves the weather information from the Open Weather Map website, a free weather data and forecast API. Get your free API key to avoid running into call limits. Note: It can take several hours before your API key is activated by OWM.

Dashboard Weather

You can include OWM Weather in your WordPress Dashboard as a widget.

Flat & Retina responsive design

Minimalist and flat responsive design, fully vectorial (SVG/CSS/Webfont), for a perfect display on all devices.

Options panel

Do you want to apply configuration settings globally? With our system options panel, you can bypass each setting on all weathers in just a few clicks. A weather page can opt-out of this bypass to ensure it always looks the same.

Google Tag Manager

Weather information (current temperature, cloudiness, short description, and category) can be pushed to the Google Tag Manager data layer to analyze web traffic by the weather.

No ads. Free

Our plugin will never display any advertising on your site. Did we mention it’s a free WordPress plugin? We kindly ask for a donation should you like the plugin.


  • English
  • Chilean (thanks to Wladimir Espinoza Durán)
  • French (thanks to Benjamin DENIS)
  • German
  • Russian (thanks to @laguna34)
  • Spanish (thanks to Wladimir Espinoza Durán)

Partial translations:

  • Danish (thanks to Carsten Klingenberg)
  • Dutch (thanks to Age de Jong)
  • Estonian (PoEdit)
  • Hungarian (thanks to Tom)
  • Hebrew (thanks to Ben Klinger)
  • Italian (thanks to www.tosolini.info)
  • Persian (thanks to @mARYAm)
  • Polish (thanks to Marcello/Rafal Wronowski)
  • Portuguese (thanks to Deoclides Neto)

Add yours with PoEdit. The latest .pot file can be found under /wp-content/plugins/own/weather/lang/. Place your .po/.mo files into the same folder. We will gladly add them in future releases.


  • Basic current weather info with alerts
  • Alert popup.
  • Detailed current weather info with alerts.
  • Adding a background image.
  • Detailed current weather info with alerts and map.
  • Detailed current and forecast weather with alerts and map.
  • Detailed current weather. Detailed hourly forecast in table.
  • System options panel.
  • Weather page setup.
  • Basic current weather for multiple cities.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • OWM Weather


Via WordPress admin

  1. Login to your admin site.
  2. Click the Plugins menu, then click the “Add New” button.
  3. Search OWM Weather.
  4. Click “Install Now” and then “Activate”
  5. If all went well, a new “Weather” menu should appear.


  1. Download the plugin from the official WordPress directory or from GitHub.
  2. Connect to your FTP.
  3. Upload the unzipped “owm_weather” folder in the root plugins directory “/wp-content/plugins/”.
  4. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu of your admin.
  5. If all went well, a new “Weather” menu should appear.
  6. Get your free OpenWeatherMap API key at https://www.openweathermap.com and enter it under Settings/OWM Weather


How many cities are supported by OWM Weather?

Over 200,000 cities from 238 countries and territories. Every location on earth is also selectable via latitude/longitude.

How many differents weather can I create with OWM Weather?

Unlimited due to WordPress Custom Post Types.

In which languages is the weather data displayed?

OWM Weather has been fully translated into German. There are partial translations in French, Italian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Danish, Spanish, and Portuguese. Open Weather Map itself provides the data in most languages.

How to define the unit Celsius or Fahrenheit?

When creating your weather, choose “Imperial” for Fahrenheit or “Metric” for Celsius from the drop down list “Measurement system”.

How to define a custom title for my weather?

Simply enter text in the “Custom city title”. If you leave it blank, the default title will correspond to the Open Weather Map “City” field.

Is it possible to add multiples weathers in a same page?

Yes. Each weather can have a completely different setup and layout.

What is the source of the datas?

Open Weather Map (https://openwweathermap.com)

Where is the global settings page?

In WordPress admin, Settings menu, OWM Weather.



Can I import/export weathers?

Yes, using the default WordPress importer/exporter tool (free).

Can I import/export global OWM Weather settings?

Yes, in Settings > OWM Weather > Import/Export/Reset tab.

Is OWM Weather compatible to WP Cloudy?

Although many settings look alike, OWM Weather uses completely different weather pages and system settings so both can be activate at the same time.


Mee 10, 2022
Tried a lot of weather plugins, all proved to be either unworkable or require a colossal amount of tweaking. OWM Weather turned out to be very flexible and handy, and although I had to do some digging, everything fell into place, and was soon fixed by the author in the latest release.
Maarec 4, 2022
It is a plugin with many options and very configurable. I had a problem with the Spanish translations and the technical support solved it in record time with a plugin update. Thanks uwe!
Februari 27, 2022
Very well done. I would like the author to re-examine the template system to allow an indeterminate amount of templates, and custom template directories.
Januari 19, 2022
Keeps on loading everytime. I've registered to get the API from the website but doesn't work. doesn't go beyond the loading...
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Contributors & Developers

“OWM Weather” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“OWM Weather” has been translated into 1 locale. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “OWM Weather” into your language.

Interested in development?

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  • Fixed javascript issues in admin when loading the Bootstrap 5 JS


  • Fixed layout shifts due to internal Bootstrap CSS
    OWM Weather will now only load a subset of the Bootstrap 5 CSS should the template not already include Bootstrap. This prevents unexpected changes to the template styles and navigation bar.
  • Added a new animated iconpack


  • Fixed wind direction icon for Safari browser
  • Added Russian translation (thanks to laguna34); finalized German and French translations


  • Improved ajax “endless spinner” error handling; errors will now show up in console log
  • Turned spinner into a refresh button


  • The rotating sun at the main icons will now stay in place for all browsers
  • fixed 2 animated icons


  • added several missing translation hooks, namely pressure units, wind speed units, visibility units, vertical scale of graphs
  • fixed typo in plugin name
  • tested up to WordPress 6.0.0


  • added more options for map layers: show layer, show legend (if applicable), turn on (check your weather settings if you are using the map feature)
  • added new temperature layer legend image for map with Fahrenheit scale


  • fixed warning when saving posts
  • fixed hour time icon display
  • added a few more Italian translations with poedit
  • rebuilt Russian translation files


  • fixed data loss after quick edit
  • fixed transient cache handling when editing a weather
  • fixed slider templates to show prev and next arrows on hover
  • added option for pressure unit
  • added option to display the alerts inline instead of modal
  • fixed Russian translation for “Feels like”


  • added Widget “OWM Weather Shortcode” (Thanks to @ccdzine)


  • fixed alert modal popup and closure
  • added support for Bootstrap 5
  • tested up to WordPress 5.9.3


  • fixed empty cloudiness value for current conditions
  • more translations


  • added all Estonian phrases for the weather output to the translation


  • fixed one occurence of phrase ‘Wind’ not translatable
  • added partial Estonian translation
  • updated and pre-translated all locale files with PoEdit Pro


  • created complete Spanish and French translations with PoEdit Pro


  • added translation hooks for OpenWeatherMap condition descriptions to allow localization for more countries
  • OpenWeatherMap language will now default to the WordPress locale language and fall back to English if not available
  • fixed missing translation hooks for several labels
  • fixed date and time not being localized


  • fixed translations not showing up in WordPress menu


  • full German translation


  • revised grammar on several label descriptions
  • reviewed all translation stubs
  • create .pot file in lang sub-directory


  • fixed map layer opacity (was always 0 unless set to 100%)
  • added map layer wind rose
  • deleted discontinued map layer stations


  • added display option for the direction the wind icons should point (default: direction of the wind)
  • added additional html ready celsius/fahrenheit temperature fields for main and main feels-like temperature
  • fixed temperature unit character and text for maps and charts


  • added additional temperature fields with celsius and fahrenheit for custom templates


  • fixed custom css lost after editing weather again
  • tested up to WordPress 5.8.2
  • table html snippets will only include selected columns
  • new table3 template with data from “5 Day / 3 Hour Forecast” api
  • updated Bootstrap to 4.6.1


  • fixed custom css option editing in weather page
    (Note: Check your custom css options and delete contents if necessary)
  • fixed html for system settings menu
  • added documentation for weather and system settings as well as shortcde parameters
  • revised system settinsg help page
  • added support tab in system settings
  • reworded 2 weather page option labels


  • fixed latitude input value ranges
  • fixed moonrise and moonset times
  • fixed card1 template display on small screens


  • fixed weather page setup not keeping all option values
  • fixed WeatherIcons
  • fixed table and chart templates not honoring the number of hours/days
  • fixed minor warnings when only gtag is turned on
  • fixed minor warnings in chart templates when no hours/days selected
  • now tested up to WordPress 5.8.1


  • fixed Laragon activation issue


  • custom city name option didn’t save
  • revised logos and banners
  • custom css contents did not get printed in templates


  • Using OWM Onecall API to get 48 hour and 7 day forecasts (instead 5 Day / 3 Hour Forecast) and alerts
  • Make available all data returned by OWM API, converted according to options at weather page
  • All bypass options can now enable and disable the weather option; weather can protect itself from bypass
  • Templates with cards, sliders, tables and charts. Debug template for developers.
  • Iconpack selection
  • Font selection
  • Automatic geo location by ip address
  • Fluid layout w/ bootstrap
  • Multiple weather (even with maps) on same page, each with its own settings
  • Shortcode parameters that allow usage of one weather template for different locations and layouts
  • Fill Google Tag Manager datalayer with current weather info


  • Restarted WP Cloudy under OWM Weather