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HexCoupon – Advanced Tools for WooCommerce Coupons, BOGO, Store Credit, Loyalty Programs, and More

HexCoupon – Advanced Tools for WooCommerce Coupons, BOGO, Store Credit, Loyalty Programs, and More


HexCoupon is a WooCommerce plugin designed to enhance and streamline coupon management for online stores. HexCoupon is providing tools to create dynamic and compelling offers. This likely includes
customization and optimizing coupon offers, potentially through features like Automation, time-sensitive promotions, or product-specific deals.

HexCoupon prioritizes user-friendliness, ensuring that beginners and experienced users can navigate the plugin effortlessly.

HexCoupon ensures that discounts are visible in various stages, including the product page, product details page, cart, checkout, and email notifications.


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New Features-

  • Toggle On/Off Loyalty Program: Easily activate or deactivate the loyalty program based on your business needs.
  • Points on Purchase: Reward customers with points for every purchase they make, encouraging repeat business.
  • Points for Referrals: Boost your customer base by offering points to users who refer friends and family.
  • Customizable User Text: Personalize the messages displayed to your users, enhancing their experience and engagement.
  • Comprehensive Loyalty Program Log: Keep track of all activities within the loyalty program with a detailed log.


  • Discounts coupons – HexCoupon simplifies the process of creating coupons and generating unique and engaging promotional offers for your online store.
  • BOGO Deals > Your Gateway to BOGO Brilliance! – HexCoupon BOGO Deals is more than just a traditional ‘Buy One, Get One’ offer, our BOGO Deals are crafted to deliver the best shopping experience, to you and your customers.
  • Store Credit – Want to refund or reward customers with store credit? HexCoupon lets you issue credits seamlessly, ensuring happy customers and repeat business. Store Credit feature Coming Soon to HexCoupon!
  • Loyalty Program – Keep your customers coming back. Design a loyalty program tailored to your business, allowing shoppers to earn points for purchases, referrals, or other actions, redeemable for discounts or rewards. This feature is Coming Soon to HexCoupon!
  • Gift🎁 Coupon – Gift Coupons allow your customers to spread love and happiness. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a special day, give the gift of choice with HexCoupon’s upcoming feature. HexCoupon – Because Every Gift 🎁 Should Be Extraordinary! 🌟
  • Sharable URL Coupons – With URL Coupons, you can create hyper-targeted campaigns by attaching discounts to specific URLs. Deliver targeted discounts directly to your audience, increasing engagement and interaction. Elevate Your Promotions with HexCoupon’s URL Coupon🌐
  • Easy Integration – Designed with WooCommerce in mind, HexCoupon integrates seamlessly with your existing setup, ensuring a smooth experience for store owners and customers.
  • User-Friendly Interface – With its intuitive dashboard, even those new to WooCommerce can dive in and design intricate deals without the hassle.
  • Flexible Customization – Every store is unique, and HexCoupon offers flexibility in coupon parameters, ensuring that your promotions match your brand’s voice and strategy.

HexCoupon Free Version-

  1. Valid for specific⏰ days and hours – You can restrict the usage of a coupon code to certain days of the week and specific hours. Limited-time offers create a sense of urgency, motivating shoppers to take advantage of your promotions before time runs out.
    Why Valid for specific⏰ days and hours Matter:

    Automated Activation and Deactivation
    Boost Sales During Peak Hours
    Strategic Marketing

  2. Coupon Starting Date📅 (With Message) – You can set a specific date from the calendar when a coupon becomes valid, and includes a message to customers about when they can start using the coupon. It’s a pre-announce promotion or plans a scheduled discount.
    Why Coupon Starting Date Matter:

    Create Buzz and Anticipation
    Enhanced Customer Experience
    Strategic Promotion Timing

  3. Product Cart Condition🎯- With HexCoupon, users can apply conditions to their cart for specific product-related discounts. Tailor your promotions, boost cross-selling, and elevate your marketing strategies.
    Why Product Cart Conditions Matter

    Precision Targeting
    Enhanced Cross-Selling
    Strategic Marketing

  4. Category 🛍️Cart Condition- HexCoupon allows you to set conditions that trigger discounts when items from these categories are added to the cart. Apply percentage or fixed discounts when products from designated categories meet your predefined criteria.
    Why Category 🛍️Cart Conditions Matter:

    Category Precision
    Enhanced Upselling
    Strategic Marketing Impact

  5. Allowed/Restricted! 🔐 Customer – HexCoupon’s Allowed/Restricted! 🔐 Customer Role feature allows you to set exclusive conditions based on customer roles. Ensure that certain discounts are exclusive to new customers, while loyal patrons enjoy their own set of personalized offers.
    Why Allowed/Restricted! 🔐 Customer Matter:

    Personalized Customer Experience
    Loyalty Recognition
    Strategic Marketing Impact

  6. Usage 🔄Reset – Empowers you to refresh and renew the usage count of your coupons effortlessly. Choose how often you want to reset the usage count. Whether it’s a weekly, monthly, or custom interval, HexCoupon ensures that your coupons stay vibrant and ready for action whenever you need them.
    Why Usage Reset🔄 Matter:

    Flexible Coupon Management
    Continuous Impact
    Strategic Marketing Adaptation

  7. Geographic🌍 Restriction (By countries or Shipping Zones) – Set specific countries or shipping zones for your promotions, ensuring relevance and maximizing engagement. Elevate Your Promotions with HexCoupon’s Geographic Restriction!
    Why Geographic🌍 Restriction (By countries or Shipping Zones) Matter:

    Compliance and Precision
    Global Brand Consistency
    Targeted Marketing

  8. Sharable URL coupon – Each URL carries a personalized discount code, making it easy for your customers to share the savings with friends and family. Share the Savings with HexCoupon’s Sharable URL Coupons! 🔗
    Why Sharable URL coupon Matter:

    Convenient Referral Programs
    Community Building
    Viral Marketing

Why you choose HexCoupon?

When you are choosing HexCoupon, you should consider the unique requirements and how well the features align with your marketing strategies.

  • HexCoupon prioritizes user-friendly experiences, making it easy for businesses to navigate and implement various coupon strategies without extensive technical knowledge.
  • Innovative features like “Coupon Starting Date,” “Usage Reset,” and “Sharable URL Coupons” indicate a commitment to innovation, to run dynamic and engaging promotional campaigns.
  • Generate coupons in bulk effortlessly. Whether you need a batch of 10 or 100, create them in just a few clicks.
  • HexCoupon streamlines the process, saving you time and ensuring consistency.
  • Easily identify and track the performance of different campaigns.
  • BOGO deals and store credits provide diverse options for creating compelling and customer-attractive offers, encouraging repeat purchases and customer loyalty.
  • HexCoupon being mobile-responsive ensures that businesses can manage and customers can redeem coupons easily across various devices, accommodating the growing trend of mobile commerce.
  • Customer analytics in HexCoupon could allow businesses to track and analyze customer behavior related to coupon usage, providing valuable insights for future marketing strategies.
  • HexCoupon sends automated notifications to customers before a coupon expires, businesses can encourage timely usage and enhance customer engagement.
  • HexCoupon supports tiered membership discounts, businesses with loyalty programs can reward customers at different membership levels, fostering customer retention.

When choosing HexCoupon, you should evaluate these factors based on their unique requirements, industry context, and long-term strategic goals.

Privacy Policy

HexCoupon – Advance Coupons For WooCommerce uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user’s confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements.

Appsero SDK does not gather any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user allows it via the admin notice. We collect the data to ensure a great user experience for all our users.

Integrating Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.

Learn more about how Appsero collects and uses this data.


Added a nice design for coupon shortcode, which you may use it to do a promotion.
Fixed upgrade to pro notice in Bogo coupon type.


Fixed some bugs.


Added a brand new feature ‘Loyalty Points’.
Fixed QR Code Image issue on existing published coupon.


Added new feature “store credit” for both block pattern and legacy pattern


Added QR Code in the URL tab to enhance marketing ability

Solved URL coupon success message not displaying issue.


Fixed dynamic time not being saved for wednesday issue.


Fixed always displaying shipping zone error while applying the coupon


  • Fixed the blank dashboard issue


  • After activating the HexCoupon WooCommerce plugin WooCommerce shop owners will see a top level menu called HexCoupon where they can add new WooCommerce coupon, will see all WooCommerce coupons, and its coupon category page.
  • WooCommerce registered users can view all available coupons that are available for use in the WooCommerce my account page.
  • Here from this field shop owners can select coupon starting date.
  • Shop owners can BOGO coupon from the general tab.
  • In the BOGO option shop owners can select products and their criteria for the customers that they have to buy.
  • In the BOGO option shop owners can select products and their criteria that they will get as free.
  • Shop owners can add product cart condition from the usage restriction tab.
  • Shop owners can add category cart condition from the usage restriction tab.
  • Shop owners can allow or restrict group of customers for the coupon.
  • Shop owners can allow or restrict individual customers from the registered list.
  • From here store owners can reset the usage limit fields periodically after a certain amount of time.
  • In the payment and shipping method tab certain payment and shipping methods can be added for the users.
  • In the geographic restriction tab shop owners can restrict customers from specific shipping zones and country from using the coupon.
  • From sharable coupon tab users get the url that they want to share with the customers and customers can apply the coupon just by visiting this url.
  • From the Dashboard shop owners can easily get a detail insights about the coupon and loyalty points.
  • From ‘Store Credit Settings’ menu owners can make the store credit option on/off.
  • Users can see logs store credit from ‘Store Credit’ tab in the ‘My Account’ page.
  • Shop owners can make ‘Loyalty Points’ on/off from the
  • Shop owners can see logs from the ‘Loyalty Points Log’ page.
  • Shop owners can set ‘Points on Purchase’, ‘Points on SignUp’, ‘Points on Referral’ from the points based loyalty settings page.
  • Shop owners can select and copy shortcode of specific coupon from the all coupon list page to show it in any page.
  • This is the front end design of the shortcode output that the end user will see.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Store Credit


Is this plugin compatible with the latest WordPress?


Does this plugin require WooCommerce?

Yes, HexCoupon is designed to be used in WooCommerce. WooCommerce provides the foundational
infrastructure for running an online store within WordPress, and plugins like HexCoupon extend its
functionality by adding advanced coupon management features.

It would be best if you had WooCommerce installed and activated on your WordPress site. This ensures that the HexCoupon plugin can integrate seamlessly with your e-commerce store and leverage WooCommerce’s capabilities for managing products, orders, and the overall shopping experience.

Does this plugin offer BOGO deal?

HexCoupon’s BOGO deals, allow you to set up promotions where customers can receive an additional product for free or at a discounted rate when they purchase a specified item.

Does this plugin offer a sharable URL coupon?

Yes, HexCoupon does offer a “Sharable URL Coupon. It allows users to generate unique URL coupons. These URLs likely contain embedded coupon codes, making it easy for customers to share the discounts by simply sharing the URL. This can be a convenient and effective way to encourage viral marketing and referrals.

Can I restrict coupon use by location and shipping zones?

HexCoupon offers a “Geographic Restriction” feature. The geographic Restriction feature empowers you to choose where your discounts have the most impact. This indicates that you can define specific countries or shipping zones where your coupons will be valid or restrict them from being used in certain locations.

Can I restrict specific users or user groups for a particular coupon?

HexCoupon’s Allowed/Restricted Customer Role feature allows you to set exclusive conditions based on customer roles. Set your discounts to specific customer groups, offering personalized promotions to your valued clientele.

Can a coupon be validated on a particular day and time?

HexCoupon allows date and time-based validation, you may find options to set the start and end dates for coupons, allowing you to specify the exact timeframe during which the coupon is valid.


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