Cookie Notice & Consent


  • Cookie Notice & Consent makes it easy for you to collect consent for the usage of cookies.
  • It lets you define different cookie categories and display them within a notice banner.
  • Ready-made themes for the cookie notice banner makes it easy for non-technical users to get started.
  • Users can select which categories to consent with. Consent logs are stored (optional).
  • Scripts will be output and executed only after the user has accepted the respective categories.

Cookie Notice & Consent aims to help you comply with local privacy laws like GDPR/DSGVO. It does not offer a one-click solution though. Please set up your website properly and carefully to comply with applicable laws.

Developer focus

Please note that Cookie Notice & Consent is generally geared towards developers and technically savvy site administrators. Although it does provide pre-made themes, the plugin does not provide separate options for individual design aspects, and does not plan to provide those in the future. It is up to the developer/administrator to add further styling to match the theme using CSS.

This plugin does not add any branding (neither visually nor textually), top-level admin menu items or user-facing indicators. It aims to be usable in client projects by blending in with WordPress core appearance, naming and settings. Settings screens are visible to administrator level users only.

What this plugin does not provide

  • Beyond the pre-made, as-is themes, this plugin does not offer styling options via the settings screen (please contact your webdev for further design customization)
  • This plugin does not provide scanning for, detecting or automatic blocking content like embeds, scripts or cookies

Shortcodes and functions

This plugin currently provides the following shortcodes and public functions:

  • Shortcode [revoke_cookie_consent]: Outputs a revoke consent button that clears the consent cookie
  • Shortcode [cookie_consent_status]: Outputs a formatted string indicating the users consent choice
  • Function is_cookie_consent_set(): Returns whether the consent has been set by the user
  • Function is_cookie_category_accepted( $category ): Returns whether the given cookie category has been accepted by the user (valid values: essential, functional, marketing)


This plugin does not represent legal advice and assumes no liability whatsoever. Please obtain proper advice from real lawyers if in doubt.


  • Cookie banner, ‘Labs’ theme, with category descriptions
  • Cookie banner, ‘Sidecar’ theme, with category descriptions
  • General Settings screen, tabbed category navigation
  • Design Settings screen, theme selector, with accent color picker
  • Cookie category settings screen, define name, description and scripts
  • Consent logs and basic consent statistics per category


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/cookie-notice-consent directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Configure your settings using the Settings->Cookies screen


How can I modify the notice banner styling?

You can choose between pre-defined themes. Apart from those, and the accent color option, further customization requires CSS skills. Applicable CSS classes are best found in the source code. Included styling is done via class names, which makes it easy to overwrite using the parent element’s ID.

Are you planning to add more features?

Yes. Right now, I’m interested in looking into auto-blocking of embeds. Plans might change though.

Where’s feature X that I need for full compliance in my country?

If this plugin does not meet your legal requirements, I encourage you not to use it. Please note that this plugin will probably never turn into a one-click solution for regular users. This plugin is geared towards developers or at least technically savvy users.


Disambor 29, 2023
Complete plugin. Works straight out of the box. Simple and effective and free. Some suggestions: Maybe have only one setting page for cookies and cookie setup, and name it Cookie notice or something more descriptive of the plugin. Saving button for tabs settings, saves only for that tab, maybe have a save all button. Thank you for this plug-in!
Julai 27, 2023
Lieber Christoph, ich möchte dir aufrichtig für dein hervorragendes Plugin danken. “Cookie Notice & Consent” hat sich als äußerst nützlich erwiesen – es ist nicht überladen und tut genau das, was es soll. Besonders beeindruckend finde ich, dass dein Plugin Zustimmungsstatistiken bereitstellt, ohne dass dafür Kosten anfallen. Diese Funktion ist normalerweise schwer zu finden und kann oft sehr teuer werden. Hier hast du wirklich einen Mehrwert geschaffen! Die Tatsache, dass Skripte erst nach der Zustimmung des Benutzers für die entsprechenden Kategorien ausgegeben und ausgeführt werden, zeigt, wie gut durchdacht und datenschutzkonform dein Plugin ist. Es hilft mir, den Anforderungen der DSGVO gerecht zu werden. Ein Vorschlag zur Verbesserung wäre die Möglichkeit, auszuwählen, ob individuelle Skripte durch das Plugin im head oder body der Website eingebunden werden sollen. Dadurch könnten man die Ladezeiten weiter optimieren und Beispielsweise den GTM ordnungsgemäß verbauen. Insgesamt möchte ich dir für dein großartiges Plugin und deinen Beitrag zur Wordpress-Community und Datenschutzkonformität danken. Ich bin begeistert von den Funktionen und Möglichkeiten, die “Cookie Notice & Consent” bietet, und werde es gerne weiterhin verwenden. Vielen Dank und weiter so!
Februari 5, 2023
I am managing the website of my local photo club, a non-commercial, technically rather simple project. I have been using a different cookie banner plugin that has had severe security issues recently and now is completely down. Christoph’s plugin is a perfect substitution. I like the local data storage and the simplicity of usage. Its shortcodes let me handle the google maps and recaptcha usages on my page. Thanks!
Januari 19, 2023 1 reply
I do not know, what professional marketers want, but for users with standard marketing ambitions and data privacy in mind it is a very clean coded, well designed, clear structured and easy to understand plugin, that helps to implement tracking without any headaches. I tried so much tools with bloated extra functions, advertising spam in the backend and no sense for the right hierarchy in the admin sidebar menu. I love this plugin.
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  • Fixed: Deprecation notices when using PHP 8.2+
  • Tested up to 6.5
  • Tested up to PHP 8.3


  • Fixed: XSS vulnerability (non-escaped settings field values; only Administrator affected; disclosed by Patchstack)
  • Tested up to 6.3


  • Note: If you run your own design, please note that this release adds a new element to the notice banner
  • Added: Reject button
  • Improved: Buttons will now be hidden if their label is empty
  • Tested up to 6.2


  • Tested up to 6.1


  • Added: Filter cookie_notice_consent_cookie_expiration to change the consent cookie expiration time in days (default: 30)
  • Improved: Cookie notice visibility management when a cache plugin is active
  • Fixed: WPML not filtering frontend strings because of wrong hook priority
  • Fixed: DivisionByZeroError on the statistics admin screen if no logs are present


  • Hotfix: Missing plugin files


  • Tested up to 5.9
  • Added: WPML / Polylang support
  • Added: Info dialog when revoking consent
  • Added: Options for automatically respecting ‘Do not track’ (DNT) and ‘Global Privacy Control’ (GPC) privacy signals
  • Added: Numerous action hooks in the notice output
  • Added: (BETA) Experimental embed blocking (proof of concept, only for editor embeds)


  • Added: Option to set the Revoke Consent button label
  • Added: Filter cookie_notice_consent_print_$category_code_in_head to output category code in the head (true) rather than footer (false, default)
  • Added: Filter cookie_notice_consent_print_plugin_script_in_head to output the plugin base script in the head (true) rather than footer (false, default)
  • Changed: Renamed filter cookie_notice_consent_output_script_$category to cookie_notice_consent_$category_code to better reflect its purpose


  • Tested up to 5.8
  • Added: Proper cache recognition and handling (via WP_CACHE constant)
  • Improved: Consent banner is additionally shown and hidden via JS (better behaviour if caching is in use)
  • Improved: Consent UUID is generated by the frontend script if caching is in use
  • Improved: Nonce check for logging is skipped if caching is in use
  • Fixed: Don’t append cache buster URL argument when revoking cookies
  • Fixed: Prevent double cache buster URL argument when accepting cookies


  • Added: New ‘Low-key’ theme, an unobtrusive option that doesn’t interrupt users
  • Fixed: Number formatting in consent statistics


  • Tested up to 5.7
  • Added: Option to automatically purge all cookies site-wide on consent revoke (on by default)
  • Improved: Template function is_cookie_category_set doesn’t expect category_ prefix anymore
  • Improved: Register admin-ajax hooks only when necessary (if consent logging is on)
  • Improved: Better UX for slow connections by keeping the loading spinner visible while waiting for reload
  • Improved: Code commenting


  • Fixed: Missing style in admin area (single consent view)
  • Improved: Theme styles and sizing on smaller screens


  • Added: Themes! Two ready-made cookie notice themes to choose from
  • Added: Option to enable/disable consent logging (on by default)
  • Added: Option to enable/disable consent log IP anonymization (on by default)
  • Added: Option for automatic consent log purging
  • Changed: Moved ‘Show category description’ option to design settings (tiny breaking change, sorry)
  • Changed: Show Cookie Consents menu item and Consent Statistics tab only if logging is on
  • Changed: Optimized frontend script to reflect optional logging
  • Improved: More consistent rendering of default theme/style
  • Improved: Markup structure, classes and naming


  • Added: Cookie consent logging via custom post type
  • Added: Basic consent statistics per cookie category
  • Added: Loading indicator when interacting with the consent banner (helpful for slow connections)
  • Changed: Minifying of frontend scripts and styles, added version parameter
  • Improved: Code and function formatting and structure


  • Fixed: Additional client-side cookie check to prevent cache issues


  • Fixed: Invalid code output due to sanitizing


  • Fixed: Allow basic HTML in banner text


  • Initial release