Advanced Post Block – Post Grid for WordPress block editor


Advanced Post Block is an useful plugin for the new WordPress Gutenberg block editor. It added many new features for displaying posts or custom posts contents in your web page or posts.

Advanced Post Block is a powerful and flexible block plugin that allows you to display your WordPress posts and pages in customizable and engaging layouts. With this plugin, you can create advanced post listings, highlight specific posts, and showcase your content in unique and interactive ways.

The plugin includes a range of customizable blocks that you can use to create dynamic post listings, such as recent posts, popular posts, and featured posts. You can also customize the post layout with a range of settings, including post order, post excerpt length, and thumbnail size, to create a layout that best suits your needs.

Advanced Post Block also includes a powerful post filter system that allows you to filter posts by category, tag, author, and more. This makes it easy to create post listings that are specific to your content and your users’ interests.

The plugin includes an intuitive block interface that makes it easy to add and customize post listings in your content. Simply select the Advanced Post Block from the Gutenberg block library, choose the post listing style you want, and customize the settings to your liking.

Advanced Post Block is also optimized for performance and security. The plugin is designed to minimize its impact on your site’s performance, and all post listings are automatically sanitized and validated to prevent security vulnerabilities.

Overall, Advanced Post Block is a powerful and essential block plugin for anyone looking to create advanced and customizable post listings on their WordPress website. Try it out today and take your content to the next level!



  • Layouts: Three main layouts with various sub layouts.

  • Responsive: Works great with any devices with any screen size.

  • Post Query: Filter your posts by queries like post type, categories, posts per page, post order.

  • Elements: Show/Hide and customize post elements (image, title, meta, excerpt, read more).

  • Content: Custom typography with margin and padding spacing.

  • Feature Image: Show/Hide feature image and also enable disable the link.

  • Post Title: Show/Hide post title, make linkable, and change typography.

  • Meta Data: Custom Typography with customizable Icon, Link, and Text color for meta data.

  • Read More Link: Custom read more label, normal and hover color with typography.

Pro Features

  • Layouts: Checkout more layouts and sub layouts.

  • Pagination: Add custom pagination bottom of the posts.

  • Tag Filter: Post Filter by tags (only for default post).

  • Post Offset: Offset to exclude first N posts.

  • Custom Taxonomy Filter: Custom Taxonomy filter for post and custom posts.

  • Meta Data Icon: Custom icon for meta data.

  • Meta Author Link Toggle: Show meta author with or without link.

  • Date Format: Date format option for meta date.

  • Reading Time: Show post reading time in meta area.

  • Excerpt from Content: Show excerpt from main content.

  • Ticker Layout Options: Options for ticker post layout.

  • Feature Image Size: Options to set feature image size.

  • Shortcode: Shortcode option to use anywhere.

How to use

  • First install the Advanced Post Block plugin
  • Add the Advanced Post Block from the block category called “Advanced Post Block” in Gutenberg editor.
  • You can change block settings from the right side settings sidebar.
  • Enjoy!

  • For installation help click on Installation Tab


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  • Grid- Default layout
  • Grid- Title Meta layout, Customize
  • Grid- Left Image layout
  • Grid- Right Image layout, Customize
  • Grid- Overlay layout
  • Grid- Overlay Box layout
  • Masonry- Default layout
  • Masonry- Title Meta layout, and Customize
  • Masonry- Left Image layout
  • Masonry- Right Image layout, and Customize
  • Masonry- Overlay layout
  • Masonry- Overlay Box layout
  • Slider- Left Image layout
  • Slider- Right Image layout, and Customize
  • Slider- Overlay layout
  • Slider- Overlay Box layout


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Advanced Posts Display posts in a beautiful way!


From Gutenberg Editor:

  1. Go to the WordPress Block/Gutenberg Editor
  2. Search For Advanced Post Block
  3. Click on the Advanced Post Block to add the block

Download & Upload:

  1. Download the Advanced Post Block plugin (.zip file)
  2. In your admin area, go to the Plugins menu and click on Add New
  3. Click on Upload Plugin and choose the file and click on Install Now
  4. Activate the plugin and Enjoy!


  1. Download and upload the Advanced Post Block plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


Is this plugin support custom post type?

Yes! All the custom posts that come to your site. You just need to select that custom post from the right setting panel.

I have a custom post type, but it’s not showing up for selection?

It’s possible that your custom post type is not supported by the REST API. You can add REST API support for your custom content types by following the steps outlined in this article: Adding REST API Support for Custom Content Types

Is this support responsive for different devices?

Yes! you can set different columns for different devices.

Can I change post layouts?

Yes! this plugin has three main layouts and multiple sub layouts.

Can I customize post elements?

Yes! you can every element, you can show or hide title, feature image, metadata, excerpt, read more link, etc.

Can I change style of the post elements?

Yes! you can change all elements color, spacing between them, content background color.

Where can I get support?

You can post your questions on the support forum here


Ipril 10, 2023
This plugin works good, has many options and sounds like more to come. What I like best is the support. Nothing better then a quick reply and they were able help out too! Looking forward to much more style control maybe in a future update.
Oktubor 25, 2022
Works nice, as expected. No issues. I would give a 5 star if Pagination is included in the free version. Because ALL other related plugins, include pagination for free. Remove something and add pagination. Just a suggestion.
Jun 27, 2022
I’ll be completely honest, the level of support offered by the plugin creator is exceptional! This is the best plugin for your blog posts arrangement, it makes your blog look wonderful and well organized.
Mee 23, 2022
The options for setting styles would be great if they weren't pre populated and if they had a "clear" option to leave colors as the rest of the site style defines them. Just way too many options to manually set every time a block is created or you wnat to tweak something on your site.
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Contributors & Developers

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  • Fixed for FSE


  • Performance improvements


  • Fix excerpt difference


  • Fix side image layout


  • Dynamic excerpt link
  • Reduce css assets load


  • Remove custom excerpt


  • Default font family removed.


  • Pro feature lists add.


  • Fix free-pro activation conflict.


  • Fix issue.


  • Fix post id error.


  • Fix for reusable block.


  • Fix encountered error.


  • Add translate feature


  • Feature Image url fix for generated image


  • Performance Improvements


  • PHP code reduce
  • Special char render fix


  • Fix Categories Select Option


  • Set thumbnail image size.
  • Side image vertical in mobile device.


  • New settings for taxonomy selection.


  • Regular update


  • Fix ticker post preview issue


  • Set permalink as permalink settings


  • Gradient Picker fixing


  • Fix author issue.


  • Add ticker post layout.
  • Performance upgrade.


  • fix hover color in meta elements on image.


  • Add colors options for meta elements on image.


  • Performance Upgrade.


  • Post excerpt content fix.


  • Categories limit extended.
  • Update style.


  • Post types limit extended.


  • Post Query fixing.


  • Custom Typography with google fonts.
  • Compatible for block directory
  • Fixing Issue
  • UI Change


  • Compatible with PHP 5.4


  • Initial Release